The pharmacy that arrives at your doorstep

We deliver your medication whenever you need it. FRD Specialty Pharmacy is always free and your copay will not change.


When your doctor asks for your pharmacy, tell them it’s “FRD or Foothill Remedy Drugs.” Any doctor can write prescriptions for FRD, even without you having an account first. Once we receive your prescriptions, we’ll send you a text on the phone number your doctor provided.


Transferring to Foothill Remedy Drugs is easy. We’ll take care of transferring your prescription from your old pharmacy, and it only takes a minute. Within a day, we’ll have everything ready so you can get your next refill delivered to you wherever and whenever you need it.

We'll be delivering soon

We will send you a text message when we get your prescription. Then, we will deliver your medicine to you for free whenever and wherever you want. However, someone needs to be there to accept and sign for the medicine when it comes. This person can be a friend, doorman, or colleague.

You don't need to stress over your medication refills.

That's precisely what we're here for.

We work with your doctor for refills and your insurance for copays, so you won’t run out of medicine again.

Patient Testimonials

"Since I've switched to Foothill Remedy Drugs, I've been amazed by the quality of service. Their prescription delivery system is a game-changer - reliable and always on time. I no longer have to stress about medication refills. It's a true blessing for someone like me with a busy schedule."
- Mary M.
"Foothill Remedy Drugs has truly revolutionized my medication routine. Their staff is courteous, and the free home delivery of prescriptions is remarkably convenient. The peace of mind knowing that my meds will always be there when I need them is priceless. They've earned a lifelong customer in me!"
- Manuk A.